Saturday, June 20, 2009


Delivery of animal health care to stray animals and other neglected animals
Increase responsible pet ownership and reducing number of abandoned companion animals and management stray animals by finding suitable homes in order to prevent their necessary destruction
Increase awareness of humane education in schools, institutions and the public
To encourage and extend environmental conservation since some animals obtain their living from the environment surrounding them
To educate the public against long distance transportation of animals by trekking or overcrowded in vehicles and advice on provision of feed and water during their journey
Providing relief to animals in distress from man-made or natural disasters e.g. floods, earth quakes, fire outbreaks

Advocating against commercial exploitation and destruction of wildlife e.g. cruel management and killing of wild animals for food and products
Advice on handling of working animals e.g. donkeys, oxen, mules that their yokes and carts are taken care not to harm the animals skin and provision of necessary requirements e.g. water, feed and rest
Fighting against use of explosives in fishing industry in Tanzania in order to avoid indiscriminate killing of fish and other aquatic animals and plants
Investigation of animal cruelty and law enforcement
. Provision of veterinary services where we provide general health check and treatments, vaccinations, neutering /spaying, injury treatment


  1. I have a site called Monica's Place at I will be featuring Tanzania Animal Welfare Society for the month of March. I hope to help give awareness to Tanzania Animal Welfare Society causes.


    We are preparing a national environmental walks to save shengena forest while more than 10,000 people within and outside the country will walks to conserve for sustainable development.The event will held at Mamba Miamba-Same, Kilimanjaro on 15/07/2013.We are doing this due to the facts that the forest is wealths,water,tourism,hidden treasury,prestage, wildlife conservation,historical sites, natural vegetation ,research studies,,species and other so many but all these are in danger to disappear due to the deforestation,forest fire and Gold mines activities taking place within the forest, water contaminated which is danger for their healthy, and other man-initiated threats. The miners have been falling trees at an alarming rate and we fear that the forest cover may soon be depleted and this will be disastrous not only to Same district, but also the entire nation because Pangani River basin also depend on water flowing from Shengena forest reserves.
    But they destroys it because of low of knowledge,lack of environmental education,poverty.This is possible through the walks where by many people will gether to educate them together in a single day.We want them to know that we inherited it and we need to inherit to our next generation.Mind you that Mkomazi game reserve depend water from the forest too(at Kalemawe dam).We believe that Together We Can Make the World a Better Place to Live” We improve not only our lives but the lives of our next generations!
    Mind you that more than 300000 people depend from the reserve in their daily economic activities which now has drop down because of lack of flowing of water.(women,youth included jobless) Thus why we want to have a walks to educate people around the forest that the forest is wealth for their lives. There after the walks we will open environmental community club,student environmental club to make sure that we retain the lost green by planting trees within the forest and outside the forest means that we want people around the forest to have their own trees to reduce them to go to cuts the trees to the reserve and about 100,000 trees will be planted within six month to come after the walks. Mohispac Foundation has pleased with your kindly and care for your support to our upcoming Shengena walks.Thus is why we have decide to send this email of thanks for what you have done for us to save Shengena forest .We have decided to give you a feedback where we have reach at the moment.
    Your lastly/final supports is needed in triumpet band $ 200,Pa system and road show $ 300,Stage brading $ 400 other equipments has covered although more supports in polythene tubes and seeds are highly needed.We assure you that this event is a golden chance to adverts your company/organization to get exposure while you save the lives of more than 300,000 people/wild animals/species depending water from the forest for their economics activities.More than 10000 people will walks for a victory to save Shengena forest,be a part of them.(save the lives of flora and fauna at Shengena forest)
    NB:We thanks a lot World agroforest centre from Nairobi for their kindly support toward this importants events.Many org/companies and other environments stakeholders are coming to participate the events.You are warmly welcome too.

    We look forward to hear from you to cross finger to save.
    Thank you very much and may God Bless you
    Rev Nziacharo Makenya
    Executive Director
    Nb:You can join with us by donating via account no:3300894883 Kenya commercial bank ,Samora branch-Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
    ( Or